We will not forget

As many of you probably do not know, a few years back I was part of my local Royal British Legion’s Drum Corp (as was my mother many years back!)

Guardsmen 2003

I have many happy memories of supporting them – they have scoped who I am today. Therefore to start my ‘bake a cake a month’ I decided to raise money the Royal British Legion on Armistice Day.

    I decided to make ‘red velvet cupcakes‘ with pretty icing and a poppy on top – surprisingly a lot more difficult that it sounds! *And typical me, I had a chest infection over the weekend so was not feeling 100%.*

Flickr - 3 Flickr - 2

Flickr - 4

The poppies kept breaking in half and I ran out of icing so had to change the design, however they ended up looking pretty nice:

Flickr - 7    Flickr - 12  Flickr - 16 Flickr - 19

With a minimum of £2 per cupcake, and a target of £40 – I raised £60! Oh and I also have a request for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Santa Dash for next month – looks like I’m going to be busy!

Flickr - 1 (1)     RBL – How to Give

If anyone would like to know more or has a charity to suggest please comment below.