Keeping the magic alive


 After the success of my first bake I was asked by a colleague to support her fundraising campaign for Great Ormond Street Hospital‘s London Santa Dash.


As it is December and it is Christmas I thought the theme was simple = Christmas, and after lots of umming and arrring…I decided on three designs;

  • Orange-tasting Christmas Trees
  • Chocolate and Salted Caramel Penguins
  • Orange-tasting Red and Green Swirls


GOSH - 1 (1)


Over the past month I have been a little experimental with my cakes and have come up with a few nice recipes including one that is an orange-tasting cupcake. I even made some ‘Maternity Leave’ orange-tasting cupcakes which went down rather well using the recipe. Yes the mother is a Marvel-Fan!)


After a bit of an annoying Chocolate recipe (tastes amazing but a lot of changing mixing speeds and gradual adding of ingredients) and a relatively simple orange one my cupcakes were made. Yay!

Now onto the decorating….


Christmas Tree

I decided on the following design after being sent a link on Facebook – however as you can see my attempt wasn’t so grand. Unfortunately, for some reason every time I added the green colouring to my icing it lost all composure and melted…. (Any suggestions would be grateful?!):

(Thanks LydiaBakes:

…..therefore this design was scrapped!



A lovely design, yes, but what I didn’t count on was the 5 hours of decorating that the penguins would take.

GOSH - 11

Finally, onto the last design!


Red and Green Swirls

To finish off the cupcake I needed a quick-fuss free design (especially after the mess of the Christmas Trees, and the effort of the Penguins).

I ended up finishing on my red and green swirls – a common design of mine and I think they ended up looking rather festive!

GOSH - 12


Unofficial design?

Finally due to my disaster of a Christmas Tree, and my accidental mixing of too many penguins I had three cupcakes left over which I trialed an on-the-spot design:

GOSH - 31

These didn’t make the final 24 for two reason; one, the gingerbread man on the left gives me the Heebie-Jeebies, two; in order to sit up they have a toothpick in them and I wasn’t aiming to maim anyone just yet.

As you can probably guess by the scattered order of this entry, these cupcakes were a bit of a mission to make; the designs were constantly changing and ended up taking me almost a whole Sunday to make. However, despite my creativity running a little wild I raised – £55! This will go through to Great Ormond Street Hospital via my colleague’s JustGiving page (

GOSH Poster.jpg




We will not forget

As many of you probably do not know, a few years back I was part of my local Royal British Legion’s Drum Corp (as was my mother many years back!)

Guardsmen 2003

I have many happy memories of supporting them – they have scoped who I am today. Therefore to start my ‘bake a cake a month’ I decided to raise money the Royal British Legion on Armistice Day.

    I decided to make ‘red velvet cupcakes‘ with pretty icing and a poppy on top – surprisingly a lot more difficult that it sounds! *And typical me, I had a chest infection over the weekend so was not feeling 100%.*

Flickr - 3 Flickr - 2

Flickr - 4

The poppies kept breaking in half and I ran out of icing so had to change the design, however they ended up looking pretty nice:

Flickr - 7    Flickr - 12  Flickr - 16 Flickr - 19

With a minimum of £2 per cupcake, and a target of £40 – I raised £60! Oh and I also have a request for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Santa Dash for next month – looks like I’m going to be busy!

Flickr - 1 (1)     RBL – How to Give

If anyone would like to know more or has a charity to suggest please comment below.

About me.


My name is Claire and I like to bake cakes. I currently work as a Project Coordinator based in the City of London and often bring in cakes for people to try – they seem to like them so far!

Click here to see a few of my previously made cakes

I have decided to try and bake a cake a month and sell them for charity (100% of the money!). It will be a different charity every month and I’ll try and theme the cake and charity to that month.

Eg. 24 cup cakes + £2 min donation = £48 


Wish me luck xx